Clemence Bull Shoulder | Black | CS005

Clemence Bull Shoulder | Black | CS005


Clemence Bull Shoulder


Thickness 2.0/2.2mm (may vary in shoulder area)

Weight: 1.4kg

Size: Approx 7-8sqft

Colour as per Photo (colours may vary from what you see on screen)


You will receive this exact shoulder

  • About These Shoulders

    They are cut from Clemence hides by a famous French leathergoods maker. These shoulders are not used for making bags as they will show some neck wrinkles.

    They are not measured, they are weighed.

    The shoudlers range from 1.8kg to 2.5kg with a size range of approximately 9sqft-13sqft

    You will see neck wrinkles. You may see some thickness variation and some varaition in hand feel.

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